1. I have on a ridiculous amount of hot pink today. #fridaywewearpink

  2. Brought the pups in just in time! #rain #pugsitting

  3. The main reason I love animal crackers is that they are shaped like tiny animals. Monkeys and horses and owls!


  4. gregcypes:


    Starbucks has said for years that it offers over 87,000 drink menu combinations, but just recently a new secret menu has been revealed by loyal Starbucks customers. There are some famous other secret menus, the best being In-n-Out’s Super Secret Menu.

    I definitely need to check out…


  5. Anonymous said: What do you think about women against feminism?


    Women AgaInst Feminism? Never heard of it.

    And frankly, it sounds made up. Why on earth would women be against feminism?

  6. "I am not mad at you. I am mad at the dirt."

  7. "I am not mad at you. I am mad at the dirt."

  8. Just before pH Comedy’s production of Gay Is The New Black…

  9. Maddie’s cat, the dapper and huggable Mr. Henry Chinaski.

  10. #Christmascocktail
    I will have to remember this for the winter…